We offer chiropractic care as well as massage therapy so you can get better as quickly as possible with as few visits as necessary. We are preferred providers for all insurances, and will bill the insurance for you.

Unlike other chiropractors, Dr. Jeremy Gibbons provides a more concise and comfortable approach to helping you get better, with an emphasis in soft tissue therapy. Because of his experiences growing up receiving chiropractic care, he knows what it is like to be on the receiving end. One thing he disliked about his own visits to the chiropractor was the way it felt afterwards - like he had been through a wrestling match.

Dr Gibbons’ approach to chiropractic care focuses on restoring restricted joint motion and reducing muscle tension, all while helping the patient take charge of their own health care with at-home exercises and stretches. During his schooling, he sought out chiropractors who taught him some of the more gentle and comfortable approaches to chiropractic, which he now uses in his own practice. He has also taken additional courses in massage therapy techniques to help provide more effective relief to the soft tissue.

Instead of an appointment time of 5-10 minutes that most other practitioners offer, Dr. Gibbons offers a personalized 30-minute appointment, which focuses on not only freeing restricted joint motion but also improving overall muscle and soft tissue condition.